Free classified ads on Monstersold

How to place a simple advert

Monstersold is a website where you will find many second-hand goods, but you can also create your offer and sell for free.

How to do it?

First select the section in which you want to insert your goods. To place an advert, use the "place an advert" button and fill in the required data in the form.

Choose a category, a concise title and a sufficiently detailed description. Don't forget to attach photos of your product.

Inserting an advertisement is conditional on attaching your email address. This will represent your user account. Email is not published anywhere on the site.

The email address will also serve as a contact for those interested in the goods you offer. They can write to you using the contact form after each advert.

You can edit or remove the ad as needed at any time.

It's easy ;)

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