How do I add an online store to an existing website?

Yes, a good question. And the answer?

Ok, you can install some free eshop solution, or pay for the online version of the store. But what if I want to embed store items directly into my existing site?

Monstersold embedded online store is a simple solution to embed your own store items into your site very easily. All you need to do is create a free online store at

Monstersold is an advertising platform. You can advertise individually or use your own store. You can run your online store in the community, or share it with others using sharing links or social networks. But you can also easily embed it on your website using the embed code.

How do I embed a store on my existing website?

  • You will need your own free online store at There you can add and manage your items with products for sale.
  • And your CMS must support embedding your own HTML code, including a link to Javascript.

If you already have your own store, go to your account settings - Embed store option. Otherwise, check out the post: Free online store maker.

There is a tool for generating HTML code for your website in the account settings on the Embed store tab. Set the required parameters and copy the code using the "Copy to clipboard" button.

Put the result in your website - using your CMS or ask for the site admin. When the page loads, your free online store from Monstersold will be inserted using the code. That is all. It's easy.

Anything you change in your online store on the Monstersold website will automatically be reflected on your website.

If you have any questions, contact us and we will try to find a solution.

Everyone can take an active part in the development of the Monstersold platform and improve their sales channels.

We believe that our free online store maker will be useful for you.

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